Our mission: Offer the ultimate solution for active and modern women travellers seeking elegant, comfortable and ethical clothing.


At FIG, travel is a way of life. It allows us to see the most beautiful places on earth, soak up a culture that is completely unknown to us, make new encounters and most importantly, create memories that last. It also pushes us out of our comfort zone and helps us better understand the world around us. We believe that by opening up to the world, we open our spirit—and by awakening our curiosity we can broaden our horizons. It is something we highly encourage as a brand.

Because FIG wants each trip to become a reality, we offer versatile and hassle-free clothing that can be worn all over the world. Each collection, each design, each fabric, is meant for the adventurous soul. Regardless of the type of trip or destination, FIG promises style and comfort! Finally, values ​​that one usually associates with travel, such as open-mindedness, authenticity, respect for others and for the planet, are what motivate us as a brand. They are at the heart of each decision and a great source of inspiration.


Fashionable travel clothing can be hard to find. At FIG, elegance is a priority. Although practical, our clothes make no sacrifice on style.

Our design language is sophisticated, minimalist and timeless. We want women to feel beautiful and confident in our clothes, which is why each design is made to flatter and celebrate the female body, while allowing for movement, action, and the surpassing of oneself!

Finally, the FIG garment is highly versatile. Easy to accessorize, it can be worn chic or casual. Whether in Manhattan or on a Tanzanian safari, with FIG, it is fast and easy to switch your style by simply changing from a sandal to a high heel shoe!


FIG is first and foremost a Montreal brand. All of our clothes are designed in the Mile End neighbourhood, the city’s creative hub. As a dynamic and multicultural metropolis, Montreal is the perfect platform for a travel brand like ours!

FIG is also proud to support Canadian manufacturing. The majority of our clothes is made in Canada, more specifically in Quebec and Ontario. This business model allows FIG to encourage the local workforce and play an active role in Canada’s garment industry. At an international level, we choose to work with manufacturers who share our values and are able to meet our high standards of quality. Our goal is to build close relationships with our manufacturers and suppliers, both locally and internationally - genuine and sustainable partnerships based on mutual respect and integrity.

Preserving the environment is also a fundamental value. Our commitment drives us to choose eco-friendly fibres and small impact production processes when possible. Furthermore, we believe that the problems created by fast-fashion affect us all on a human, social and environmental level. As a brand, we choose to put quality and sustainability first. Timeless and versatile, our clothes are built to last and be worn for a long time.

Finally, we work with social integration organizations, collaborate with fashion students and recycle / redistribute the majority of our remaining fabrics after each production. These initiatives allow us to support the social fabric and play an active role in our community.


FIG represents the fig leaf worn by Adam and Eve, symbolizing the very origins of clothing in the simplest way possible. This reference to the fig leaf also demonstrates our commitment to limit our footprint on the environment by working every day to create ethical clothing.

In the world of dance, the abbreviation fig., or figure, describes a sequence of steps performed by many people at the same time, evoking the idea of harmony and movement—two concepts FIG holds to heart. It’s with this in mind that we aim to create harmonious styles, designed to blend the movements of those who wear our clothing with that of the people around them, every day, as they set out to discover every corner of the world.

Figure also evokes a silhouette—which we strive to showcase with the utmost simplicity through collections that are both feminine and refined.